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The Hyster Company has prided themselves on being more than only a simple forklift and lift truck manufacturer. They are also considered to be part suppliers, trainers, capital procurement specialists and exceptional customer service providers. With regards to lift trucks, Hyster dealers are capable of handling each aspect.

From your local Hyster lift truck dealer will provide every service because these dealers are knowledgeable in the material handling business with 32 years within the industry. There are more than 220 Hyster dealerships all over North America that are ready to serve all your needs, answer any of your questions and earn your business each and every day.

The carefully chosen dealers and people who they hire is among Hyster's greatest assets. These individuals are really experienced and are able to know your business first hand. They could help you pick the right lift truck and help you select the right lift truck as well as support you and your staff once the sale is complete. The dealers provide fully equipped service vehicles which could provide a quick service response. These are amongst the important factors which keep your operation going. Hyster dealers take pride in being able to know the way to manage your fleet with the most efficient cost to your operation.

The Hyster Dealer Network enables you access to all of the following programs: UNISOURCE Parts Program, Lift truck rental fleet, National Accounts, Hyster Genuine replacement parts, Operator training, Service Training, Service Training and Competitive financial solutions through Hyster Capital.

MONOTROL Pedal - Providing one foot acceleration and direction control, the MONOTROL Pedal is fantastic for the operator because it leaves their hands free to be able to operate the hydraulic levers and steering. The Hyster MONOTROL pedal allows your drivers to maintain a high level of productivity. The optional armrest is able to provide full forearm support by its cushioned and contoured design and also has built in E-hydraulic TouchPoint minilevers.

The armrest has been designed with various features that would help maximize overall ease of use and operator comfort. These features include emergency disconnect button, a seat side directional control switch, hydraulic functions and the horn.

There is a 3-point entry and exit system to the tilt steer column and the uncluttered floor plate. This ergonomically designed compartment really plays a big role in improving the machine's efficiency. Additionally, there are many different seat options available in order to be modified for any driver.

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